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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
24/7 Emergency Service Available

Offshore Cutting Services

Here at Coastal Pile Cutters International, LLC, underwater cutting is our specialty and client satisfaction is our goal. It's important to us that we offer our clients efficient and competitively priced service. Contact us today to speak with our project manager.

The Right Tools & Services for Your Project

Every project is different, which is why we customize our services and tool packages to complement the size and scope of your project perfectly. We offer offshore cutting services for:

  • Oil Platform Decommissioning
  • Pipeline Removal Projects
  • Multi-String Conductor Pipe Cutting

Save Time & Money

Our experts are known for their extensive experience in cutting platform structures. Using the same tool, we are able to cut pipelines, jacket legs, and conductor pipes. Our shear cutting services can assist in removing steel piling up to 24 inches in diameter within 90 seconds. We use our patented hydraulic pile cutting technology to ensure the safest and most efficient methods are being employed, thereby saving you time and money. 

Conductor Cuts

Coastal has made cuts on multi-string conductor pile. The video shows making test cuts on a 24" 3 conductor. Total cut time: 90 seconds.